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VDMA Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
Lyoner Str. 18, 60528 Frankfurt am Main
Coordinates: 50.0826665 North, 8.6242382 West
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To park cars, the VDMA parking space can be used during the whole week from Monday till Friday (14th to 18th May).
The gates are open in this time from 7 a. m. – 8 p. m.
Only within this time frame it is possible to leave the area by car.
On Sunday, cars can be parked outside beside the road.

Practical Info
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Surrounding Information
Many facilities are located around the VDMA such as supermarkets, pubs and restaurants, cafés, gas stations, bank and post offices.
Please also refer to the map below.

How to get a taxi
You will find a taxi stand directly in front of VDMA
Alternatively you may use the central taxi call: